Revolutionize the way you care for your vehicle! WheelOnPalm is here to simplify repairs, manage insurance, and even help you find the best deals on parts. #WheelOnPalm #Maintenance

Why Choose Wheels On Palms?

Wheels On Palms is a concept of young and enthusiastic people who are always in search and development of country & upliftment of the society. This concept is mainly win the trust of its customers/consumers, through their product & services. This concept was brought forward after Research and penetration. in the society. The service sector in the society is very poor and frustrating & because people are often been cheated or not satisfied. with the service provided. The "Wheels On Palms" "concept was forwarded by the the developers to bring the several services under one roof and with qualified service providers/technicians.

Trust and Quality

The app typically features reviews and ratings from previous customers, helping customers make informed choices & trust of the services they're booking.

Ease of Payment

Integrated payment gateways make it easy for customers to pay for services without dealing with cash transactions.

Security and Transparency:

The platform often handles payment processing enhancing security & transparency for both customers & service providers.


Customers can view the availability of service providers & schedule appointments that fit their own schedules.


Happy Client's Say About Our Company

Experience how easy it is to get hire sate, quality professional to solve all your service and installation need. Look what they say!